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We cater to Plus Sizes. Our designs have Sass & Attitude worthy of goddesses and lords.

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Now With Live Chat

Floozees Doozees is quite proud to announce that we are now providing a Live Chat function on our web site so that inquiring customers can get immediate answers to their questions. Want to know something specific about sizes? Chat us up! Wondering if your favorite design can go on other colors? Fire up the Live […]

Mad Scientist

Floozees Doozees Custom Shop

We’re announcing the launch of the Floozees Doozees Custom Shop. Okay, so we’ve sort of had it for a while already, and we’ve sold a handful of our custom designs through our CafePress store, but it’s nothing we’ve pushed all that hard. Now we’ve decided to step up and just do it.

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving Is Near!

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? It’s a great opportunity to eat until we’re catatonic, argue with relatives and give thanks for our favorite sports teams. Okay, so that’s a cynical view of the holiday. But aw, man, we do so love that tryptophan buzz!