The Season Of Love

Hi all……I can sense a hint of Spring in the air.  Okay, okay……yes, we do live in Florida, so it’s like perpetual Spring during the Winter.  It’s our reimbursement for living so close to the gates of hell during the Summer!  Ha!

We’re busy getting our Floozees Doozees site up and fully functioning.  Not only will it eliminate some  eBay fees for us, but will also eliminate buyer fees for all of our faithful customers!  So….this is something to really be excited about!  Yes!

We have been going through and searching for some new designs.  It’s a brand new year.  This calls for brand new sass and attitude!  So far, we’ve found a lot that we love!

Since Valentines Day and St Patricks Day are around the corner, I thought I’d preview one that I especially love, below.

As always we are open to any suggestions, comments or feedback.  We love our customers and we love T shirts!  Right now, we are exclusively selling T shirts, but we hope to expand to include other styles of shirts that people have suggested…like V Necks, Scoop Necks, Tank Tops and hopefully one day…..Capris!

So this is just the beginning!  More and more we’ll be stocking the store to get it fully onboard and online!  Check back often!  And as always, thanks for your support!  After all….”Who Doesn’t Love A Cool N Comfy T Shirt!”

~Victoria, The Main Floozee   🙂

Love Is Torture

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