Pain Is Temporary, Victory Is Forever

Pain Is Temporary Victory Is ForeverWe always watch the Olympics. Maybe we’re not as feverish about it as some people are, but you just have to admire the dedication and resolve that it requires to reach that level of performance, much less to compete in the Olympic games. My god, these people have given over their lives to this one goal. How do you not admire that?

In honor of the sacrifices that the Olympic athletes in London have made to reach the world stage, we wanted to share a t-shirt design that means a lot to us, and perhaps speaks to the Olympic spirit. It reads, simply, “Pain Is Temporary. Victory Is Forever”.

We were pondering last night how these people’s live will change when the Olympics are over. Some will win medals and come back heroes. Some won’t win anything at all and will return home with nothing but amazing memories, left to decide whether or not to go back to their grueling training regimens and aim for the next Olympics. For some, this is clearly their last hoorah. All things must past. But we truly believe, as strongly as we’ve ever believed anything, that it’s am honor to simply compete in the Olympics. Whether you win a medal or not, you were good enough to reach the world stage. That is a pretty selective group you belong to, and no one can ever take that away.

To that end, Floozees Doozees salutes all of the Olympic athletes from all of the countries who are participating. You are our inspiration. You are that shining example of what human beings can be. And we will wear this shirt to honor you.

It really is true. Pain is temporary. Victory is forever!


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