Grab a Hat and Help Us Celebrate!

Welcome to the new and improved Floozees Doozees! We have a lot going on here of late, but we’ll leave it up to you to find most of the changes. We didn’t reinvent the wheel. We just improved it! So you’ll find it easier than ever to order your favorite t-shirt, yard flags, tote bags and other goodies from Floozees Doozees!

Our systems and infrastructure have been upgraded from the ground up. Everything basically works the same, but you’ll find this new system more stable and the check-out process easier than ever. We will, of course, be refining the web site over the next few days and weeks, all with the aim of making your experience with Floozees Doozees the most amazing it can possibly be.

Thanks for dropping by! We look forward to serving you for many, many years to come.

~ Victoria, the Head Floozee

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