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The Season Of Love

Hi all……I can sense a hint of Spring in the air.  Okay, okay……yes, we do live in Florida, so it’s like perpetual Spring during the Winter.  It’s our reimbursement for living so close to the gates of hell during the Summer!  Ha! We’re busy getting our Floozees Doozees site up and fully functioning.  Not only […]

eBay Woes

Hello again. We’ve been delayed in stocking our store catalog here on Floozees Doozees because of a wonderful Christmas present that eBay decided to give to all of its sellers. They decided that the word “check” could not be used in item descriptions. So if in your description you said “check this out”, eBay’s bots […]

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Hello! Thanks for Stopping By.

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. This is a front-end for my eBay store at the moment, but it will eventually be an interface for my web store. This is where I’ll post news, specials and promotions. We want this to be where you can check first to see what’s going on the store.

PayPal Cards

PayPal contra tarjetas de crédito

Si usted es familiar con PayPal, usted ninguna duda sabe que it’ s una manera excelente de proteger su información personal. Ése es porqué lo utilizamos exclusivamente en Floozees Doozees para nuestro proceso de la tarjeta de crédito. Usted no tiene que tener una cuenta de PayPal para comprar productos de Floozees Doozees. Mientras que […]

PayPal gegen Kreditkarten

Wenn Sie mit PayPal vertraut sind, wissen Sie kein Zweifel dass it’ s eine ausgezeichnete Weise, Ihre persönliche Information zu schützen. Das ist, warum wir es ausschließlich bei Floozees Doozees für unsere Kreditkarteverarbeitung verwenden. Sie müssen ein PayPal Konto nicht haben, zum der Produkte von Floozees Doozees zu kaufen. Während wir in hohem Grade den […]