What? You Have Plus Size T-Shirts?

Plus Size Problem ChildWe admit it. We’re not always the best marketers we could be. Honestly, we’ve never been good at hammering people with ads and trying to market them into buying our products. That’s good and bad.

The good thing is that the customers we earn through our low-key approach to selling our wares are fiercely loyal. They know that they’re going to receive personalized service and that to us they’re more like family than customers.

The bad thing is that we don’t get the volume of traffic you need to zip around in private jets and vacation in the Bahamas. Another bad thing is that people don’t always know the full scope of the products we offer, because we’re not obsessively pushing every good point about our business that we can come up with.

It’s with this last thing in mind that we’re putting together our little update here. A long-time customer recently sent us a message about how she had come to our web site hoping to find plus size t-shirts for her sister, and was very pleased to discover that ALL of our designs come in sizes up to 5X, and in long sleep tees in sizes up to 4X. This customer never realized that plus-size t-shirts are, in fact, one of our specialties.

This whole thing struck us as kind of funny. It’s like somebody realizing one day that Eric Clapton doesn’t just sing, he plays guitar, too! We thought maybe we should mention to our customers… yes! We do have plus-size t-shirts! And quite a selection of them at that!

~ Victoria, the Head Floozee

1) I Know I’m Not Perfect But I’m So Close It Scares Me

I Know I'm Not Perfect But I'm So Close It Scares MeIt’s not bragging if it’s true. You know and they know it. Or they should. Tell ’em! “I know I’m not perfect but I’m so close it scares me!” Enough said!

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2) Spoiled

Spoiled - T-ShirtAre you spoiled? Or know someone who is? If so, you no doubt can relate to the toothy grin of the cartoon face on this design. We’re all spoiled a little, aren’t we? Or we should be!

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3) I’m Still Hot… But Now It Comes In Flashes

I'm Still Hot... But Now It Comes In Flashes - T-ShirtHere’s one for the young at heart, who persevere even if the body doesn’t reflect how young you are at heart! Can you relate to this lovely lady, who says, “I’m still hot… but now it comes in flashes”?

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4) I Only Look Innocent

I Only Look Innocent - T-ShirtOur favorite twisted fairy, with the caption “I only look innocent”. We can all relate to that. A playfully naughty design. This is our kind of fairy.

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5) When I’m Good I’m Good. When I’m Bad I Purr

When I'm Good I'm Good. When I'm Bad I Purr - T-ShirtThis sassy, Mae West style cat puts the spice in saucy. If you’re a woman who aims to misbehave, this design might be for you. “When I’m good I’m good; When I’m bad I purr”.

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6) I Recycle Boys

I Recycle Boys - T-ShirtSomebody has to do it, right? Besides, it’s not being Earth friendly to let good (or bad) boys go to waste. Show your environmental side and help make the world a better place. Recycle boys (they wear out so quickly)!

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