We’ve Unleashed The Flying Monkeys!

Don't Make Me Send Out The Flying MonkeysOkay, around here we have no problems rolling with the flow, but sometimes something happens that’s so off-the-wall that you’re left scratching your head. In this business, there are patterns. Some weeks everybody wants 2X shirts. The next week it might be 5X or Medium. Some of our designs will start selling for no particular reason. I mean, a rise in Christmas designs around Christmas is a no-brainer. But occasionally we’ll sell six or seven of a particular design that’s been hanging around in the proverbial basement of our inventory for years.

Exactly that has been happening over the last couple of days. We don’t know why, but we’ve sold a bunch of our “Don’t Make Me Sent Out the Flying Monkeys” design lately. It’s always been a popular one, but we’ve sold enough lately that, quite frankly, we were beginning to get suspicious that someone was “punking” us.

So far, no harm no foul. We’ll just have to keep pondering if maybe, finally, someone actually DID release the Flying Monkeys. What do you think? Heard of anything that might explain the sudden, passionate interest in Flying Monkeys in general? If so, let us know! We’d love to be in on the joke!


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