Saint Patricks Day 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Leprechaun 2015Because of Victoria’s ancestry, there is a lot of Irish pride running around at Floozees Doozees. So it goes without saying that Saint Patricks Day 2015 will be celebrated here in Florida with gusto and plenty of green beer! Probably on the beach. Yeah, we know. It’s kind of tricky to figure out how we got from celebrating Saint Patrick to drinking ourselves ignorant, but that’s progress for you. This year Saint Patricks Day will occur not too long after the Olympics, so let’s all get with the program and go for the gold! After all, you can’t win if you don’t play. Bottoms up, people! And have a happy (and safe) Saint Patricks Day. Hopefully in bona fide Floozees Doozees attire.

By the way, just so you know, despite what you may have heard, getting arrested while wearing a Floozees Doozees t-shirt does not grant you a “get out of jail free” card. And no, we won’t bail you out. But if you wind up in the pokey because you drank too much, we’ll raise a drink in your honor for a job well done!

1) Keep Calm And Drink On

Keep Calm And Drink OnWhen the world is going to Hell on a flowery t-shirt all around you, there’s really only one thing to do. Pull yourself together, rise to the occasion and… Keep Calm and Drink On! Sometimes you just gotta do what has to be done!

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2) Tis A Blessing To Be Irish

Tis A Blessing To Be IrishThis t-shirt states the obvious – ‘Tis a blessing to be Irish! Ask any Irishman and he’ll tell you that the good Lord favors the Irish, and that it’s a true blessing to have been born Irish. If you come from an Irish background, you know how fiercely proud the Irish are of their heritage.

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3) Irish Breakfast

Irish BreakfastEverybody who can claim Irish blood knows that there's some truth to this design. If you've ever rolled out of bed and wished you had a Guiness, you might've been pining away for a bona fide Irish breakfast. Rise and shine!

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4) Irish Drinking Team Beer Mug

Irish Drinking Team Beer MugA great design that labels you as an honorary member of the legendary Irish Drinking Team. And if you know anything about the Irish Drinking Team, it’s that their drinking abilities are legendary. Join the team!

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5) Pog mo Thoin (Kiss My Ass), I’m Irish

Pog mo Thoin (Kiss My Ass), I'm IrishA great design for the naughty Irish in you! “Póg mo Thóin” is one of the more colorful Gaelic sayings that the naughty Irish among us are fond of quoting. If you must know, it means “Kiss My Arse”, loosely translated.

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6) Ireland Crest

Ireland CrestShow your love of all things Irish with this striking Ireland crest design which features the colors of the Irish flag. This is a design which won’t be ignored, whose distressed but vibrant color speak to the Irish spirit.

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7) Irish Girl Best Damn Drinking Buddy

Irish Girl Best Damn Drinking BuddyYou’d be hard pressed to find a better drinking buddy on St. Patrick’s Day (or any other day, for that matter), than an Irish Girl! “Best Damn Drinking Buddy A Guy Could Have”! This is something every Irish lad knows.

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by Victoria Sadler Lovelace

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