All You Really Need Is A Duffle Bag

Soldier With Duffle Bag

You don’t have to be in the military to understand the glory of the duffle bag, but there have been few veterans who didn’t come back with an appreciation for their utility and function. They make great laundry bags, too. Especially for college students who live in dorms. Or romantic troubadours who are rambling the back ways off the beaten path, discovering the world one unexpected nook at a time. Whether you use it as a duffle bag or a laundry bag, once you’ve had one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

With that in mind, Floozees Doozees has started stocking a selection of our laundry bags with various designs. It’s kind of a hard call, decided which of our thousands of designs would work best on our duffle / laundry bags. So we’d appreciate it if you have any ideas on the subject. Just send us a message and mention the design you think would look great on a laundry bag and we’ll add it to the store.

1) Don’t Touch My Junk!

Don't Touch My Junk! – Cotton Laundry Duffle BagIf you’re in the mood to send the TSA a message the next time you fly, this is a fun way to do it! Of course, this design will also serve as a great conversation starter, and might even earn you a body cavity search or two.

available on; Laundry / Duffle Bags

2) Army Camouflage

Army Camouflage – Cotton Laundry Duffle BagA simple design that says all that really needs to be said. The word “Army” is rendered in bold, camouflage letters. A great way to show your support for the Armed Forces, or show sergeant-major that you’re with the program.

available on; Laundry / Duffle Bags

3) Give Peas A Chance

Give Peas A Chance – Cotton Laundry Duffle BagJoin with us as we sing a song known too well by mothers all across the land, in the spirit of hope and cooperation – “All we are saying is… give peas a chance!” Aw, come on, Junior. Start with one!

available on; Laundry / Duffle Bags

4) Many Names of Jesus

Many Names of Jesus – Cotton Laundry Duffle BagYou can easily find Jesus referred to by hundreds of different names. Some are titles of the Savior and concepts of who Christ is. Many names of Jesus are from the Bible, LDS Scriptures, and Latter-day revelation. This design uses some of the most common names to create a cross. An inspiring image!

available on; Laundry / Duffle Bags

5) Santas Workshop

Santas Workshop Local Union 1225 – Cotton Laundry Duffle BagShow your support for your hard working brethren by joining Santa’s Workshop Union Local 1225, which promotes “Equal Opportunity For Elves”. Elvin’ is hard work. Any parent knows that!

available on; Laundry / Duffle Bags

6) Tie Dye Peace Sign

Tie Dye Peace Sign – Cotton Laundry Duffle BagNothing takes some of us back to those wonderful days in the 60’s like a peace sign – except maybe a tie-dyed peace sign. But you don’t have to be a flower child or an old hippie to appreciate this design. Tie dye abides, and a peace sign is universal.

available on; Laundry / Duffle Bags

Soldier with Duffle Bag

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