USPS Boxes

USPS Shipping Weights Being Recalculated

We’re currently going through our entire inventory, updating our shipping weights on individual products with more accurate numbers. Previously the variations on some of our older products (those that had been around the longest) either had simple estimations of weights on size variations, or sometimes one default weight applied to all variations. This largely came […]

The Zombies Are Upon Us

I was standing in line at the supermarket the other day in a long line behind a woman who decided to pay with a check. It was no big deal to me, but the cashier acted like she’d never seen a check before. A manager was called in. An impromptu conference was held, followed by […]

Spring Flowers

Getting Ready For Spring

There’s just something about feeling a hint of Spring in the air that puts pep in your step. Yeah, we know. It’s been Spring for a little while now, but it’s getting into full swing around here, with all the joy that comes from the chittering and complaining of our resident squirrels and the attentive […]

Kiss Me, I'm Irish - Pin-Up Art by Priscilla Peeters

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Since there’s a lot of Irish blood running around at Floozees Doozees, we always do our best to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day properly. Sure, that means there’ll be some liquid refreshments, but it also means that we try to celebrate all the best of Irish culture. A lot of people get their dander up this […]


Welcome To 2013!

Wow. How is it possible that another year is upon us already? 2012 was a mixture of joy and troubles for most Americans, but we got through it together – even though the year seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. All of us here at Floozees Doozees want to wish you and […]

Hippie Santa

Peace On Earth, Man!

I recently stumbled across a cool photo of a hippie in Height-Ashbury, and my first thought was “Wow! It’s Hippie Claus!” Which, of course, made me think that it’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? Just as people think of Jesus Christ in different ways during Christmas and the Yule season, maybe we all […]