Visit Our New Facebook Page And Get 10% Off!

We’ve created a new Facebook page for our customers who would like to “Friend” us on Facebook. This will replace our old Facebook page (which we will delete on January 1st). If you befriended us on Facebook before, we’d surely appreciate it if you could do so again.

We decided to do this because of the nature of Facebook itself. Let’s face it. No business has a Facebook page to keep up with their relatives. Facebook pages for businesses are all about marketing, and our old page wasn’t showing up at all in Facebook searches. So… we made a new page (which does show up rather nicely). Hopefully this will make it easier for our customers to find us, and keep up with us once they do.

If you have Liked our Facebook page, when you place an order just include your Facebook user name in the comments. If you’ve Liked our Facebook page, we’ll refund you 10% of the purchase price from any order you make. That’s all there is to it!


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