Kick Off 2014 With A Positive Attitude!

Positive AttitudeWe all head into a new year with a positive attitude, full of resolutions and determined to make changes and do things differently than we have before. But, of course, we’re all creatures of habit. We get busy. We get tired. And before long, we’re back to our old ways, frustrated that we didn’t stick with our new plans. It can help to have on-hand a reminder of that positive attitude we went into the new year with. It’s not that we’re failing. We’re just going back to old patterns. And sometimes it helps if we remember that the cycle can be broken and we can carry through.

1) Imagine The Possibilities!

Imagine The Possibilities!This inspiring design gets across a great message using beautiful, colorful kites to reinforce a simple message – “Imagine The Possibilities!” Don’t let yourself be tied to Earth by anyone or anything. Reach for the skies!

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2) Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last

Live Each Day As If It Were Your LastA striking design that expresses surprising wisdom in a phrase that we could all do well to live by – “Live each day as if it were your last”. Includes falling leaves and fleeting insects, subtly underscoring the impermanence of life.

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3) Just Do You

Just Do YouSometimes it just has to be broken down into one simple, poignant phrase. This design sums it up in bold red, black and white. “Just Do You”. After all, if you stop and think about it, everyone else is already taken.

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4) Pluck All Your Silly Strings

Pluck All Your Silly StringsA striking Gothic design which features a background of organic scribblings and the caption “Pluck All Your Silly Strings”. Good advice, wherever you come from, and something you can carry with you as you make your way through your day.

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5) Do What You Love

Do What You LoveA simple, colorful t-shirt design with a powerful message. In pink, green, yellow and blues, with hearts, this phrase says it all – “Do What You Love”. If you really stop and think about it, that’s really all there is to it!

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6) Bee Joyful

Bee JoyfulThis cute, colorful bee has the right idea, as it dances, full of love, upon a pink daisy. The caption is simple and to the point – “Bee Joyful”. We could all learn a lot from this bee! Live and learn, people. That’s what it’s all about.

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7) We Are The 99 Percent

We Are The 99 PercentThis design is perfect for anyone who questions the distribution of power in the United States. Unless you tool around in a yacht or live in a mansion, you can probably get away with wearing a design that declares “We Are The 99 Percent”.

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by Victoria Sadler Lovelace

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