Halloween Is Almost Upon Us!

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The Halloween season is probably our favorite time of the year! That’s when all the little ghouls, goblins, vampires, princesses and superheros come out of the woodwork and set forth in the ever important quest for candy. We always stock up our candy pantry early to get ahead of the game, but we always wind up having to buy more. Who can stay out of the candy pantry?

And for the adults there’s always the legendary Halloween parties. Some of us play dress-up and go at it with all the abandon of the kids. Some are bored with the whole thing and go to parties dressed up as disgruntled fuss-butts (or toss on that standard issue prison Halloween costume). And some of us are scary enough that we don’t need a costume! Whatever your style this Halloween season, we can help you get through it with a minimum fuss and whole lot of panache. If you’re going to be out and about, we can help you make an impression!

~ Victoria, the Head Floozee

1) All Hallows Eve Halloween

All Hallows Eve HalloweenA wicked design straight out of the dark recesses of our memories of Halloween from childhood. A spooky scarecrow stands in a dark pumpkin patch with crows filling the night sky before a full moon. Glowing jack-o-lanterns fill the foreground behind a banner that reads “All Hallows Eve”. Spooky!

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2) 0 To Witch In 4.5 Seconds!

0 To Witch In 4.5 Seconds!Ladies, we can all relate to this one, right? This design is a clever play on words, tailored to the Halloween season. We all have a little witch in us, don't we? Let them know that you can go from “0 to Witch in 4.5 seconds!”

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3) PumpkinHead Jack O’Lantern

PumpkinHead Jack O'LanternA wickedly cool design that'll set off any Halloween ensemble. Capture all the magic and dark mystery of the Jack-O-Lantern in all its spooky glory. A must have design, which features only the backlit eyes and mouth of a Jack-O-Lantern set against a black background. A must-have for the Pumpkin Heads out there!

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4) Just Give Me The Damn Candy

Just Give Me The Damn CandyThis lovely, glittery design evokes that wonderful sense of playfulness that comes with the Autumn winds, when the world seems to take a breath after a long, busy summer, as it begins to prepare itself for a well earned rest.

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5) Fraidy Cat

Fraidy CatA great Halloween design which features a black cat holding a Trick Or Treat basket, flanked by jack-o-laterns. The design is framed by some familiar phrases from the Halloween season – “Fraidy Cat”, “Spooky”, “Jack O'Lanterns”, “Boo!”, “Scarey Things” and, of course, “Trick Or Treat”!

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6) Ghost Face Spooky

Ghost Face SpookyA deceptively wicked design. When you first look at this spooky ghost face that seems to be coming out of the white background, it looks relatively friendly. But when you look closer, he looks demented. Is he friendly, or not? That's for you to decide.

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7) Happy Halloween Jack O’Lantern

Happy Halloween Jack O'LanternOne of our favorite Halloween designs! The bold colors of this Jack O'Lantern design will help you spread the Halloween cheer wherever you go. I laughing Jack O'Lantern sits in the pumpkin patch awaiting the Great Pumpkin himself, with a caption that reads “Happy Halloween”!

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Halloween Candy Witch

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