Give Her Props on Mothers Day 2015

Mother and Child

Mothers Day 2015 is on May 10th. It’ll be here before you know it. In honor of all of our moms, Floozees Doozees is featuring some of our favorite t-shirt designs to honor the one person who’ll always love you no matter how much of an annoying brat you really were.

If your mom is still with you, appreciate her all you can. As many of us know all-too-well, soon enough there will come a time when you won’t be able to, and you’ll wish you could more than ever!

1) Mom’s Taxi Service

Mom's Taxi Service

Here’s your chance for a bona fide souvenir t-shirt from the very first taxi service any of us ever use. Mom’s Taxi Service. “On Duty 24 Hrs Day, 7 Days a Week”. Go Mom! The meter is running!

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2) Who Are These Kids And Why Are They Calling Me Mom

Who Are These Kids And Why Are They Calling Me Mom

A universal question that every mother has asked herself at some point. “Who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?” Put on your happy face slippers and join the ranks of mothers who are lead to ask these existential questions.

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3) I’m A Pick-Up Truck Mom Living In A Minivan World

I'm A Pick-Up Truck Mom Living In A Minivan World

This simple t-shirt says it all, with an image of a pick-up truck and a caption which reads, “I’m a pick-up truck mom in a minivan world.” Can you relate? Not all of us were meant to meet at the mall.

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4) World’s Coolest Mom – Tattoo Art

World's Coolest Mom - Tattoo Art

This very cool tattoo design evokes the most basic sentiments that even the hardest of badasses always hold close to his or her heart. Whether you are the world’s coolest mom or your mom is the world’s coolest, let the world know about it.

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5) Mom Rules Dad Obeys

Mom Rules Dad Obeys

Mom lets Dad believe it’s not so, but we all know better, don’t we? Deep down, Dad knows it’s the truth, too. He just hopes we won’t make him admit it. Come on, fellas. Fess up to it!

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by Victoria Sadler Lovelace

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