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All good ideas have a second life. Nothing worth thinking up the first time is ever forgotten. And if you’re one of those fine people who likes your style with a little vintage vibe, have we got the threads for you, man.

You don’t have to be an old Hippie to like our vintage designs! There’s a cool aesthetic in all these designs that reminds folks of the old days without being stuck in the past. This is the aesthetic of love and exploration for the 21st Century.

Hippie BusOf course, if you have an old Hippie VW bus and want to strike out to commune with Mother Nature, that’s fine, too. We’d love to help you get properly attired for the experience. And if you ever find yourself going to San Francisco, make sure to put some flowers in your hair and think of us. We’ll be cheering you on!

1) I Want Peace Uncle Jam

I Want Peace Uncle JamThis is Uncle Sam’s little known funky brother, Uncle Jam. Throw on some headphones, strap on your guitar and tie-dyed t-shirt and peace out! Or as Uncle Jam says, “I Want Peace”! You must answer when Uncle Jam calls!

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2) Tie Dye Peace Sign

Tie Dye Peace SignNothing takes some of us back to those wonderful days in the 60’s like a peace sign – except maybe a tie-dyed peace sign. But you don’t have to be a flower child or an old hippie to appreciate this design. Tie dye abides, and a peace sign is universal.

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3) Make Love Not War Neon Graffiti

Make Love Not War Neon GraffitiA funky design in neon colors that makes a simple but poignant statement about what is important in life, saying “Make Love, Not War” in bold, block letters, with graffiti style paint splatter accents. A bold design.

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4) Groovy Neon Mushrooms

Groovy Neon MushroomsThis design reminds us of our college days. Pretty mushrooms in neon colors and a green scrollwork background dredge up a vintage vibe straight from the 60’s while remaining very contemporary and stylish.

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5) American Peace Flag

American Peace FlagA cool, graffiti inspired design featuring the American flag and dozens of scribbled peace signs and the words “peace” and “love””. If you were alive during the 1960’s or just have an affinity for the messages that came out of that era, this design resonates.

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6) Peace Love Music

Peace Love MusicThere are three things the world needs more of, and that’s Peace Love Music! Any one of the three alone soothes the soul, but together they’re a force to be reckoned with. Some things are just Universal.

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