Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit

Our mischievous shop kitty Sabella

There’s nothing strange about loving cats. Thousands of years ago the ancient Egyptians worshiped cats as gods. And any cat lover could tell that the cats have not forgotten this. In honor of our lovely feline friends (and those who adore them), we thought we would put together a crazy cat lady starter kit. Just in time for Christmas, too!

1) Christmas Teacup Kitty

Christmas Teacup KittyThis adorable teacup kitty is ready for Christmas, with glittery accents, Christmas trees, peppermint candy and a present just for you. No one can resist this cuteness! And you can bet that this kitty knows exactly what it’s doing!

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2) I Love My Crazy Cat

I Love My Crazy CatSome of us can relate to this one. If you’ve ever had a crazy cat in your household (aren’t they ALL crazy?), you can surely relate to this fun design that’s covered in colorful paw prints around the phrase – “I Love My Crazy Cat”.

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3) Protected By Ninja Kitty

Protected By Ninja KittyWho could be afraid while Ninja Kitty is on the job? Look at that steely-eyed concentration. Look at the raised paw, poised to strike. And please, don’t scritch Ninja Kitty behind the ears. It embarrasses Ninja Kitty.

available on; T-Shirts | Oversize Totes | Lightweight Totes | Garden Flags

4) One Cat Short Of A Crazy Lady

One Cat Short Of A Crazy LadyWe wish we couldn’t relate to this, but we can. Are you one cat short of being a crazy lady? If so, this design ain’t a bad way to let the world know that you’re working on it! Here’s one for all the potential crazy cat ladies.

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5) Margaret LeVan Alley Cat Bubbly

Margaret LeVan Alley Cat BubblyA fanciful design from the Alley Cat collection by Margaret Le Van. This colorful floozee is kicked back on the love seat, set off by the quote, “Don’t forget to stop and taste the bubbly!” What is life without the simpler pleasures?

available on; T-Shirts | Oversize Totes | Lightweight Totes | Garden Flags

6) Happy Holidays Cat

Happy Holidays CatThis adorable folk art style cat is set against a rustic backdrop. It would make a great decoration for your home, but you can take these “Happy Holidays” wishes with you wherever you go. That’s a mighty fine way to spread holiday cheer.

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7) Dogs Have Owners Cats Have Staff

Dogs Have Owners Cats Have StaffWe were never really sure who this t-shirt was for, dog owners or cat lovers. But whether you own a dog or a cat, it’s hard to argue with this design that says “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.” Stake out your position once and for all!

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by Victoria Sadler Lovelace

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