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Oh, we all love those Pop Culture references. Catching them is the modern litmus test for our cultural sensibilities. And who didn’t love it when the kid dressed up as Darth Vader had his mind blown by his father with the key fob when he was trying to affect the family Volkswagen with The Force? How cute was that?

One definition of “Pop Culture” is; “cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people”. Let’s see how many of the following references you can get.

1) Do or Do Not There Is No Try

Do or Do Not There Is No Try

This souvenir design will show your support for The Rebellion. “Do or do not there is no try,” declares a certain diminutive, sun-glass wearing master on this playful design. And may the Force be with you!

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2) Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman

Proudly display this design if you’re in the market for a good attorney at law. Saul Goodman… when you need the very best, with just the right amount of dirty… Better Call Saul!

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3) Che Guevara

Che Guevara

This simple design pays homage to the iconic Che Guevara, pivotal figure of the Cuban revolution, pop culture icon, and counter-cultural symbol of rebellion. Raise your first and shout “Viva La Revolucion!”

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4) Save Ferris

Save Ferris

Show this design to the world, and people will know that you, like many other concerned students, teachers, and alumni, hope to Save Ferris. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

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5) Neon Mona Lisa

Neon Mona Lisa

This popular design features the ever mysterious Mona Lisa, with her evocative smile, which is both innocent and inviting. What might a neon Mona Lisa be thinking? That’s for you to decide.

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6) Quint’s Shark Fishing

Quint's Shark Fishing

Grab this souvenir from Quint’s Shark Fishing of Amity Island and put some chum in the water. Like old Quint himself said way back in 1975, “Back home they got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him!” Get your line in the water!

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7) Frida Catrina Skull

Frida Catrina Skull

This great Day of the Dead deisgn features a Catrina figure reminiscent of famed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. This Frida Catrina Skull is a must-have for lovers of Mexican culture and history, or Day of the Dead imagery.

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by Victoria Sadler Lovelace

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