Celebrate Shark Week 2014

Shark Week 2014

Once a year people all over the world gather in frightened, huddled masses to celebrate that annual rite – Shark Week! If you’re like us, and love sharks, there’s no better way to celebrate it while you’re watching shark-themed marathons than with some bona fide shark gear. We can hook you up and help you make a lasting impression on your shark-lovin’ friends. Let’s get some chum in the water!

1) Drop Dead Shark

Drop Dead Shark

This Great White shark rises up out of the depths just in time for supper! If you don’t drop dead from a heart attack, you’d better be pretty good at walking on the water! It’s time to GO!

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2) No Shirt No Shoes No Problem Shark

No Shirt No Shoes No Problem Shark

On this design, even the sharks get to relax sometimes. No shirt, no shoes, no problem. No work ahead. Show the world what you’d really rather be doing. Hanging out with sharks, of course!

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3) Great White Shark Jaws

Great White Shark Jaws

Even the jaws of a long dead Great White shark on this design strikes terror into the hearts of men. It’s always startling to realize that human beings are not as far up the food chain as we think we are. At least not where the Great White is concerned.

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4) Shark Swimming

Shark Swimming

A stunning black and white shark design. Sharks are amazing, aren’t they? Here’s a critter you wouldn’t want to come across during your nightly swim in the ocean. Beauty, power and mortal danger, all rolled up in one animal.

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5) Bite Me – Shark Teeth

Bite Me - Shark Teeth

You can take this design one of two ways. Either it’s a cool design for people who love sharks, or it’s a subtle design for people who with a lot of attitude. Either way, it’s a cool design!

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6) American Peace Flag

Shark Teeth Ringlet

This very cool design bears a ringlet print made of shark teeth, with a larger shark tooth design in the center. What could be cooler than a shark teeth ringlet? And now you can have your very own!

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