2013 Winter Pirate Invasion

The Catdaddy PirateThis December is the perfect time to stage the 2013 pirate invasion! When everyone is snuggled down next to the fire sipping eggnog and basking in the glow of family and the lights of the Christmas tree (not to mention the rum in the eggnog), who would expect a grappling hook seized upon their gutters, or a pirate ship pulling abreast of living room window? You have to be prepared for any eventuality, you know!

1) Surrender The Booty Pirate

Surrender The Booty PirateThis salty pirate knows that ye gain little if yer too timid to make yer demands known. Let the landlubbers know what you have come for, and demand they surrender the booty before your cutlass gets thirsty! Savvy?

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2) The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale ImprovesSallie forth with this inspirational pirate and maintain discipline among the scurvy dogs and scallywags you call your friends and co-workers. Sometimes all people really need is the proper motivation to achieve great things.

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3) Master Of Mayhem Pirate Skull

Master Of Mayhem Pirate SkullThis pirate sports a swarthy mass of bad attitude if there ever was one. This pirate skull bears all the right trappings, with an eye patch, a buccaneer’s hat adorned with a skull and crossbones, against a backdrop of crossed bones. The caption reads “Master Of Mayhem”. Well, of course!

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4) Skull & Crossbones

Skull & CrossbonesA classic pirate design featuring a pirate skull with an eye patch in front of a background of crossed bones. You can consider this one your very own Jolly Roger. Fly it proudly and take your place among your pillagin’ brethren!

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5) Pirates Do It For The Booty

Pirates Do It For The BootyA very cool design with a pirate skull wearing a captain’ cap, with crossed swords behind it. You might be surprised to find out that some people don’t know pirates do it for the booty! Come on. What else is there?

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6) Got Rum? Pirate Skull

Got Rum? Pirate SkullThe immortal question that remains on the tongue on every pirate – even the ones like this gentleman who is obviously well past his prime. Pirates gotta sport this “Got Rum?” design! Without rum, life loses all meaning!

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7) Ye Can Have Me Booty But Leave Me Chest Alone!

Ye Can Have Me Booty But Leave Me Chest Alone!In the finest traditions of pillagin’ and plunderin’, it’s a mighty fine lass who’ll bring you to task and tell ya, “Ye can have me booty but leave me chest alone!” Done deal! Step out with bona fide style and attitude.

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by Victoria Sadler Lovelace

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