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Mother and Child

Respect Your Mom On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on May 11th this year. That means it’ll be here before you know it. In honor of all of our moms, Floozees Doozees is featuring our favorite t-shirt designs which honor the one person who’ll always love you no matter how much of a brat you were. If your mom is still […]

Spring Fever Girl

We’ve Got Spring Fever

You know what spring fever is. Mark Twain summed it up when he said, “When you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” Or, as Robin Williams said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, […]

Drunk Crazy Dance

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Between Mardi Gras and Saint Patrick’s Day, there’s going to be a whole lotta drinking in March of 2014. We know some folks who probably won’t be sober between Mardi Gras and Saint Patrick’s Day (they should have a national holiday the weekend after to honor those who are recovering from hangovers).

Saint Patrick's Day Leprechaun 2014

Saint Patricks Day 2014

There’s a lot of Irish pride running around at Floozees Doozees. So it goes without saying that Saint Patricks Day 2014 will be celebrated here in Florida with gusto and plenty of green beer! Probably on the beach. Yeah, we know. It’s kind of tricky to figure out how we got from celebrating Saint Patrick […]

Candy Hearts from

Saint Valentines Day 2014

Before you know it, it’ll be Saint Valentines Day 2014, and we’ll all be swept up in the annual lust for love and displays of regard for our well-deserving spouses, partners, girlfriends or boyfriends, and or even just that sweaty, sexy thang you’ve seen at the gym once a week.

The Catdaddy Pirate

2013 Winter Pirate Invasion

This December is the perfect time to stage the 2013 pirate invasion! When everyone is snuggled down next to the fire sipping eggnog and basking in the glow of family and the lights of the Christmas tree (not to mention the rum in the eggnog), who would expect a grappling hook seized upon their gutters?

Sabella Mischief

Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit

There’s nothing strange about loving cats. Thousands of years ago the ancient Egyptians worshiped cats as gods. And any cat lover could tell that the cats have not forgotten this. In honor of our lovely feline friends (and those who adore them), we thought we would put together a crazy cat lady starter kit. Just […]

Santa Claus

Christmas 2013 Is Almost Here!

We’re always excited when we can start getting ready for the new Christmas 2013 season. Nothing makes us happier in 2013 than to think of stringing Christmas lights and wrapping gifts. Not to mention the wonderful treasure of spending time with our family and loved ones. We hope this Christmas season brings riches and blessings […]