Stocking The Web Store

We’ve been adding stock to the web store, and hope to have it fully stocked by the end of August. It’s seemed like a long time coming, we know, but it’ll be worth the wait. We have much more flexibility here than we ever did on any of the online auction sites. Thank you to those who have been so supportive. We appreciate your well wishes, and hope you know what a pleasure it’s been for us to meet you “out and about” at some of the festivals and shows we’ve been taking the Floozees Doozees tent to.

Loading the database is a painstaking process which takes more time than it probably should, but we’re working on it full-bore. It’s going to take awhile before we have all 1,000+ of our designs online in the web store, but we’re making that final push and hope to have it all done by the end of August. Please check back in. We’re adding new designs daily, and will soon start posting daily and weekly special offers.

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