So Long…. And Thanks For All The Fish

eBay, in their oh so infinite wisdom, has seen fit to raise fees.  Again.  But this time, what they have done is throw the little fish, like me, right out of the pond and onto the hot scorching land to die an agonizing death.

Okay, so it’s not THAT bad, but it is bad enough that I’m packing up the store and saying Cccccya!  After nearly 6 years, I’m finally sick and tired of the eBay crap.

They are “supposedly” going to start providing sellers with the lowest fees ever as of March 30.  And how they are doing is this raising all of their fees and forcing little fish like me to upgrade to a more expensive store and in turn pay more in fees to boot.  Sellers who worked very hard for their Power Seller status ( like me), will lose it.  Their new fee schedule is making it impossible to have a thriving business there unless you sell high dollar items or do ten tons of business each month.  So this  puts small sellers like me (and there are multitudes) out of  commission.   It’s ridiculous and enough is dang well enough!

For instance, right now if it costs me $200 a month in eBay fees to manage my store and my over 1,000 listings, come March 30th, unless I UPGRADE to a more expensive store, my expenses will jump up over 200% !!!  200% !!!  If I DID upgrade, which… there is no chance in hell that I’m doing that…. I would pay more for a store and still pay higher fees.  But eBays misguided logic is that by doing so, I won’t pay as many fees as I will be if I do nothing.  There are no lower fees, there are only higher fees and so many restrictions on sellers that it’s just nothing short of lunacy!

I nearly dumped eBay a few months ago when they took away the power of sellers to give negative or neutral feedback!  But buyers could hack away at sellers just as always.   So sellers who deal with bad buyers, or have issues with a buyer that other sellers should be aware of, have absolutely no recourse for reporting a bad transaction.

Um……. no thanks.  In fact, I hope this comes up and bites eBay juicily in the arse.   I have been monitoring blogs about this and the fact is, eBay sellers are outraged!  Many are closing up shop or so drastically reconfiguring their selling practices that it’s bound to wallop eBay in the ole money bags but good.  And well deserved.

eBay is a monopoly that has needed dethroning for years!  Luckily for me, there is still, and a new place I’ve found….

The mighty Wic is at this moment revamping this website to be an interactive store.  So, yes, my lovies….you can soon shop directly on this site!  This is a change that has been way to long in coming, but eBay has forced my hand and so now it’s swiftly in the process of going live!

Once we are ready and set to go, I’ll be offering specials and offering free shipping and all sorts of good stuff…….

So stay tuned!

As Wic says…….. Over, Under or Through…. b’god!

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