Event Tonight Is Cancelled

Snafoo city!  Between my merchant account issues, my tent not showing up and a great opportunity for my boyfriends band…… I’ve decided not to attend the Safety Harbor Music Series tonight.  But… it’s held the 3rd Friday of each month and I’ll be there next month with bells on!

I’ve been busy lining up events and getting all of my proverbial ducks in a row.  Details galore with this type of thing.  Honestly……. right now I’m feeling very grateful for a day that was destined to be hectic turning out to be somewhat sane.


With the anniversary of Woodstock  (very cool movies and concert events on Palladia for this, by the way), I’ve been busy putting up some T Shirts, Musical Illumination Candle Rings and Jewelry for the left over Hippy At Heart  (myself included!)

May we never let PEACE go out of style!

More later….

~Victoria, your faithful Floozee

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