Candle Rings N Things…..

As soon as the last few materials arrive, I’m finally going to be all set to begin Musical Illuminations.  I’m so excited about making these.  I’ve searched the internet far and wide to find anything remotely like them and have found nothing.

How cool will it be to have guitar strings… infused with live music from the hands of my own true love and his bass/guitars… woven with various charms, beads, crystals, metals, shells… and formed into rings that you put on the top of candles or around the base.

Hard to picture, I’m sure… but in just a few more days, I’ll be able to finally post pictures of the first ones!

These candle rings will be each one of a kind.  I’m not certain any two will be exactly alike, or if so… they will be matching pairs since many people, myself included, often use matching candles and holders on shelves, mantles, etc…

I’ll have candle rings for music lovers, pet lovers (especially cats, since I am the crazy cat lady), holiday candle rings, special occasion candle rings ( like weddings, birthdays, housewarming, wine tastings, etc) and my imagination continues from there.

Also… my wine totes are beginning to sell!  Yes!

We are also always and continually adding new designs for T Shirts.  I have posted a couple below… (available in all sizes up to 5X !!!)

… And as always, most of the designs can be applied to Tote Bags, Wall Hangings (coming very soon) and Garden Flags (coming very soon).

We welcome your comments and suggestions… and as always… thank you for your patronage.  Floozees Doozees would cease to exist without all of you…

~Victoria, your faithful Floozee

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