Our Favorite Witches

What’s Halloween without a few witches? Whether you practice the traditions of Halloween or follow the age-old traditions of Samhain, you can never have too many witches in your stable!

Throughout the most part of history witches have been feared and abhorred because they were thought to be vindictive, cast evil spells upon others and consort with evil spirits. The Western concept of them has evolved from sorcery and magic beliefs dating back to the ancient Assyrians, Babylonians, Acadians, Hebrews, Greeks and Romans. In ancient Greece and Rome they were renowned for their herbal knowledge, magical potions and supernatural powers.

You’ll find no such problem with our adorable witches. In fact, in honor of all the point-hat wearing customers we might have during this Halloween season, we’re going to arm you with some of the best witch jokes out there!

Q: Why are Witches good at English?
A: They are brilliant at spelling.

Q: Why do witches go around scaring people?
A: They’re just trying to eek out a living.

An old witch thought that she would make a fortune telling fortunes, so she bought a crystal ball, but she couldn’t see any future in it!

Q: What witches do you find in the desert?
A: Sandwitches!

We know! They’re terrible! But all in good fun. Be safe during this Halloween season, know that us here at Floozees Doozees will keep the light on for you. If you come by the shop looking for candy, be fore-warned that we’re predisposed to good scares! In fact, we recommend them!

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