No April Fools Here – We’re April Smaht!

I Used To Skinny Dip, Now I Chunky Dunk!April 1st is upon us! It’s time to go out and generally cause as much mischief as you can manage. Needless to say, this is a day when you pretty much can’t believe anything you see or hear. Or, at least, the day when you should take everything with a big grain of salt. Trust no one.  Or better yet, trust everyone and believe everything you’re told. That’d make for a more interesting day, you have to admit.

It’s believed that the earliest recorded association between April 1st and wanton foolishness can be found in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales from 1392. So general silliness is nothing new. We take a different approach to April 1st here at Floozees Doozees. We’re not so much interested in fooling anybody or staging elaborate hoaxes. We prefer to simply take the day for its literal translation – April Fool’s Day – and instead celebrate silliness. This is a day you’ll find lots of fake noses around the shop, and jokes galore being spread – the punnier the better. It’s in that spirit that we wanted to feature some of our silliest designs, and ask our customers to join with us in celebrating the spread of some good humor. What is life without laughter, right?

Funny Designs for April Fools


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