I’m Not Goofy, You’re Goofy. Don’t Touch Me!

Hi, You'll DoOkay, so we’re a little loopy around here. It’s the weekend, and we’re feeling our oats. It’s time to let your hair and just get silly. There’s a fine art to being silly that not everyone can pull off. But you won’t know until you try. In the end, the only thing that matters is that you amuse yourself! If you think you’re funny, who cares if other people don’t get it?

As you go out this weekend and kick up your heels, make sure to keep it safe. There’s no point in being silly if you’re going to be stupid. There’s a line you shouldn’t cross, you know. But if you do happen to find yourself sitting in a holding cell somewhere because you told the wrong joke to the wrong undercover police officer, just tell ’em Floozees Doozees made ya do it. We’ll help ya out.

Anyway, be safe. Be happy. We’ll see you on Monday!

Let’s Get Stoopid!

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