Looking For Great, Adjustable Feather Hair Extensions?

Halloween Kitty Adjustable Feather Hair ExtensionOne of the hottest products in our stores right now are our hand-made feather hair extensions. They’re selling like the proverbial hotcakes. Our customers have told us they are drawn to both the beautiful designs and reasonable prices. One consistent refrain seems to be that people are blown away by the quality of the work and the versatility of the designs.

Feather hair extensions are nothing new. They’ve been around probably as long as there have been human beings (we’ve always stuck things in our hair, haven’t we?). But they’ve enjoyed a recent upsurge in renewed popularity during the 2011 season of American Idol, thanks largely to legendary Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, who spent the 2011 season as an American Idol judge and set off a new fashion trend by wearing his own feather hair extensions every night.

Since the American Idol season ended, though, the popularity of our feather hair extensions has only increased. Steven Tyler may have given the artform a kick in the pants, but it’s clearly growing on its own accord. And we’re more than happy to fulfill your need for great feather hair extensions (and feather earrings, as well).

Don’t forget that we do custom work, as well. If you can’t find quite what you’re looking for in our product galleries, please write us with your ideas for a free price quote and availability. We’ll do whatever we can to get you what you need.

If you’re a fan of feather hair extensions, you’ve found the right place. We’re crazy about them, too. Welcome to Floozees Doozees. We’ve been making these for awhile now, and hope to make them for many years to come.

~ Victoria, the Head Floozee


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