What ARE Candle Rings?

Candle RingIf you’ve never encountered a candle ring before, you might be amazed at what a wonderful decorative accent they bring to any room. Our hand-crafted candle rings are designed to accent the warmth and light of large and small glass candles as well as pillar candles. They are totally re-usable. When your old candle burns down, just move your candle ring to a new candle and keep on enjoying them.

Each hand-crafted candle ring is fashioned from guitar and bass strings that were used during live performances. They are not polished afterwards. We feel that the tarnished look of the strings preserves that moment of creativity and inspiration. We feel that these designs are infused with the spirit of music, and honor the origin of our bas materials by dubbing the collection “Musical Illuminations”.

If you would like to add an eclectic decorative flair to your home, we invite you to browse our collection of candle rings. Bring the spirit of music into your home with Musical Illuminations.