“Sailors And Floozies” Is Back On Display

Paul Cadmus - Sailors and Floozies

The Palm Beach Post – Aug 9, 1940

San Francisco, Aug. 8 – “Sailors and Floozies,” an artist’s conception of what sailors and their girl friends do on shore, is going back on display at the exposition, from which it was removed because an official said it irked the Navy.

A higher official said the painting by Paul Cadmus “should never have been removed,” and added he had been unable “to verify reports the Navy objected.”

Dr. Walter Heil, head of the Palace of Fine Arts painting division, announced Tuesday that criticism of the picture had come “increasingly” from Navy sources. He ordered it removed.

Today, Timothy I. Pfleuger, who is director of the fine arts palace – the head man – ordered the painting rehung.

Along with it, “Seeing the New Year In,” another Cadmus picture which was removed, went back on display.

“If every picture some individual may object to is remove, none would remain,” stated Pflueger. “There are complaints about Cranach’s ‘Old Man Folly,’ and Heil’s ‘Old Master Section’.”