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USPS Boxes

USPS Shipping Weights Being Recalculated

We’re currently going through our entire inventory, updating our shipping weights on individual products with more accurate numbers. Previously the variations on some of our older products (those that had been around the longest) either had simple estimations of weights on size variations, or sometimes one default weight applied to all variations. This largely came […]

Service Upgrades

We will be putting new service upgrades into place this week. These efforts will address the reduced functionality of our scripts which some of our users have been experiencing. We are upgrading our core infrastructure in an effort to provide a better shopping experience for our customers as well as a painless check-out. We expect […]

Google Checkout

We’ve Removed Google Checkout

You may have noticed that we’ve removed Google Checkout from our checkout options (for now). Quite frankly, it was confusing some customers, because it seemed to be presented as the only option for checking out when you looked at your shopping cart in the sidebar. You could still select either PayPal (our preferred method of […]

New 2011 Calendars

It’s that time of year, when we all start thinking about the fast approaching new year. Nothing sums up the promise of a brand new year like picking out a new calendar to take with us into the journey to come. With that in mind, we’ve tried to pick out a good selection of calendars […]

Apologies For E-Mail Problems!

We just discovered, to our horror, that we’ve had a persistent technical glitch in our e-mail system for some time which has caused us to miss some of our customers’ messages. The order and invoicing system was not affected, but some of the general comments and inquiries never reached us. If you wrote us here […]

Stocking The Web Store

We’ve been adding stock to the web store, and hope to have it fully stocked by the end of August. It’s seemed like a long time coming, we know, but it’ll be worth the wait. We have much more flexibility here than we ever did on any of the online auction sites. Thank you to those […]

Announcing “Windhaven Art”

Lots of  new goodies to talk to you about, kiddies. First, we are still building our webstore, so very soon you’ll be able to shop directly right here, on our FloozeesDoozees site, thus eliminating fees from shopping with us on eBay, Etsy, Artfire or Bonanzle.  Our prices will be lower here as well, because we’ll […]