Saint Valentines Day 2014

Candy Hearts from Softonic.comBefore you know it, it’ll be Saint Valentines Day 2014, and we’ll all be swept up in the annual lust for love and displays of regard for our well-deserving spouses, partners, girlfriends or boyfriends, and or even just that sweaty, sexy thang you’ve seen at the gym once a week. Saint Valentines Day is the one day of the year we can be a sappy as we want to, swept up in love and romance. How could that possible be a bad thing? Like the t-shirt says, “Pluck All Your Silly Strings”!

How are you going to celebrate Saint Valentines Day this year? Or better yet, who are you going to spend it with? Inquiring minds must know. We can help you make a good impression. It’s just what we do!

1) Love The One You Are With

Love The One You Are WithThis charming, doodle-like design seems to have been created by someone who's brimming over with love for another and includes a set of craft-like hearts at its center, along with the phrases “Love the one you are with”, “Love is where the heart is” and “Love is the fulfillment of a lifetime of dreams and expectations”.

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2) True Love Tattoo Art

True Love Tattoo ArtThis design makes for a nice proclamation, don't you think? True love is one of those things that makes you feel lighter than air, as if your entire being is lifted up by that weightless heart that beats so soundly in your chest.

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3) You Hold The Key To My Heart

You Hold The Key To My HeartThis design makes a lovely gift to that special someone. Let them know that they hold the key to your heart. This cuddly teddy bear holds a heart with a keyhole, waiting for that right person to come along with the key.

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4) Love In Symbols

Love In SymbolsLove is all you need, really. This cool, eclectic designs features the word “LOVE”, made up of symbols representing a dizzying arrays of things that people can love and be in love with. Can you find something in the symbols that reflects your greatest love?

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5) Kitty Hearts

Kitty HeartsThis is one cool kitty that knows it's loved. Surround yourself with a warm swirl of red hearts and the simple joy of being alive and loved, and you will find true peace and happiness. Cats know that feeling. You should, too!

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6) Love Heart Flames Rhinestuds

Love Heart Flames - RhinestudsThis colorful rhinestone design of a flaming heart with the word “Love” emblazoned across it on a banner is sure to get a smile from someone. Is your heart aflame for someone special? This is a great way to show it!

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7) Lets Monkey Around

Lets Monkey AroundNothing says love that somebody who's willing to swing from the rafters with you. Especially on Valentine's Day (or whenever you're feeling particularly frisky). These cute monkeys are having a great time. And how do you not love a monkey that wears boxer shorts with red hearts on them? Adorable!

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by Victoria Sadler Lovelace

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