Get Yer Pirate Gear Here!

With the return of Captain Jack Sparrow, we’ve been inundated with requests for pirate gear, as well as requests to feature our pirate designs, jewelry and wine bags in a single collection. So… ask and ye shall receive! Let it never be said that don’t attend to the needs of the crew.

In honor of Capt. Jack and anyone who has a bit of that pirate spirit within ’em, you can now browse our featured Pirate Gear category to find all the perfect gear for your swashbuckling and buccaneering. We love pirates (we have to, we live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida… it’s a rule) and hope to help you strike a stunning pose. But you’ll have to find your own candles to put your beards! We can’t help you there. Insurance and all. You understand.

But we can definitely help you look lively!

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